After several years working for Tesla, we found there was a void in the third-party repair market for electric vehicles. Two former Tesla technicians decided to join forces and set out to revolutionize the EV repair industry with The Electrified Garage.

We have 24 years of factory-trained Tesla experience, from the Signature Model S and original Roadster to the new Model Y. Our team has access to factory Tesla parts and aftermarket parts you can’t get from Tesla to give our customers the very best EV experience.

front view of red tesla after repairs

We have done just about everything that can be done to improve the style and performance of EVs, including adding trailer hitches, upgrading wheels, tires, suspension, and brakes, and completing post-purchase inspections. We’ve even had cars shipped from other countries to be repaired.

For all your Tesla service, maintenance, and customization needs, please contact us for a service quote or advice on which products are best for your electric vehicle. We currently have locations in West Palm Beach, FL, Ocala, FL, and Seabrooke, NH, and are continuing to expand.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions as they are always welcome. An informed car owner is a satisfied car owner.

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