Chris Salvo

Chris is the CEO for the Electrified Garage. His responsibilities include high level business development, Executing company strategy, Setting Strategy and direction and developing outside vendor relationships.

Chris was a technician under Chad Hrencecin at BMW of Peabody. He left to take care of his sick father and began a career with BMW Performance Parts at Turner Motorsport. He eventually went back to be a technician and started at Tesla in Watertown in January 2013

After about 8 months, he finally convinced Chad to come work at Tesla as well.  Chris transitioned over to managing the parts department. He is the one who famously told Rich Benoit, (Aka Rich Rebuilds) “Sorry, I can’t sell you a battery for your car.”

Chris combined his previous experience with BMW Performance Parts with his new knowledge of Tesla vehicles to start EV Tuning LLC. Chris soon left Tesla to continue with EV Tuning full time. He ran into Rich at an EV event and apologized for not selling him parts at Tesla. They both talked about their new business ventures and how it made sense to partner up. The product of those talks is what we now know as The Electrified Garage.

Rich Benoit

Rich Benoit is well-known for his popular YouTube car vlogs. His channel, Rich Rebuilds, was co-founded by himself and Carl Hewitt, and has over a million subscribers and hundreds of millions of views. Rich joined forces with Chris in 2019 to found The Electrified Garage, which started out as just a small shop in New Hampshire, but has quickly expanded to 2 locations.

Chad Hrencecin

Chad is the Director of Service for the Electrified Garage.  His skills include custom metal fabrication, low voltage and high voltage electronics, battery design, suspension, brakes, and powertrain/drivetrain repairs.

He started working in the automotive industry as a technician for Toyota. He then moved on to work for BMW of Peabody where he eventually became shop foreman. After 13 years at BMW, he decided to make the move to Tesla.

For the next 6 years, Chad went from Technician to acting shop foreman to Mobile Service Technician Manager. He was factory trained on the original Roadster, Model S, Model X, and Model 3. In Chad’s spare time he tinkers with everything from rock crawling Jeeps and Suzuki samurais to remote control cars and flying drones.

Chad met Chris during his time at BMW and met Rich during this same time because they were in a mutual friend’s wedding. When Chad was working at Tesla, he brought a loaner car over to Rich one night and gave him a ride in it. This was the initial inspiration for Rich to search for a Salvage Tesla to rebuild.

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