The battery capacity of electric vehicles is measured using kWh, or kilowatt-hours. This capacity determines how far you can drive your EV without stopping for a charge. If you recently purchased an older Tesla or a similar electric vehicle, such as the Tesla Model S or X, you’ve probably noticed the charge doesn’t last as long as the newer models.

What We Do

At The Electrified Garage, we can upgrade your battery so you can drive longer distances. We highly recommend getting professional assistance for this upgrade as it’s important that your vehicle is configured correctly for increased range.

tesla at a charging station in west palm

What Are the Benefits of a Battery Upgrade?

The obvious advantage of a battery upgrade is less time charging and more time driving. If you are in constant worry of your battery not lasting as long as you need it to, it’s time to bring your EV over to us so you can reap the benefits. This upgrade is also perfect for those who feel like there has been a noticeable decrease in strength due to damage or age.

Is a Battery Upgrade Worth It?

While a battery upgrade isn’t a necessity, it will make your life a lot easier, especially if your electric vehicle is your daily driver or you often want to take long drives or road trips. If you decide an upgrade is in your best interest, you can count on us to do the job correctly.

Looking for a Trusted EV Shop to Upgrade Your Battery?

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal at The Electrified Garage. Contact us today to schedule an appointment so we can keep you on the road without constantly needing to charge up.


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