Part of our original mission statement was to include education and help train the next generation of EV Mechanics. We want to offer our first step with an immersion program to all things Tesla and EV!

A couple questions we get asked on a frequent basis are, “how to learn what we know?”, or “where can you go to get training to work on electric vehicles?”

To answer these questions we are starting our first introductory program to begin sharing our knowledge with the public. We will get in depth with the operations of the Tesla Model S as well as electric vehicle systems as whole. This class is a great place to start for beginners that don’t know anything about electric cars. It is also a good place for intermediate people to advance their knowledge as well.

This class will be a full 2 day class that will discuss the charging system, battery technology/repair, CAN communication systems, as well as 12v electrical systems.

Head here to reserve your spot!

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