You’ve probably always heard that aligning your wheels is important and should be done when you take your vehicle in for routine service, but why? At the Electrified Garage, we always strive to keep our customers as informed as possible, so you don’t only know what we’re doing – you know why as well. Education is important to us as it will help you keep a well-maintained car for years to come.

Why Do I Need an Alignment?

Have you ever let go of your steering wheel momentarily while driving only to realize that your car nearly instantly pulls to the left or right? After being on the road for a while, the alignment of your wheels can slowly shift and become slightly uneven. While you might think it isn’t that big of a deal, the vehicle will become increasingly harder to drive since you will be in a constant battle to keep the car straight. Tires can wear unevenly and faster than normal. Worst of all you're wasting energy scuffing the tires down the road!

electric vehicle wheel alignment

What Causes Wheels to Become Misaligned?

Your wheels can start drifting into a different position simply from normal driving, but there are some extra factors that can cause it to happen at a faster pace or worsen its current condition. Some of these include:

  • Off-roading
  • Hitting a curb or pothole
  • Minor accidents
  • Aggressive driving
  • Worn suspension

What Are the Benefits of Aligning My Wheels?

When you come to The Electrified Garage for an alignment, we’ll get your vehicle all straightened up for a smooth ride. We use computers to meet the necessary angles for proper alignment, leading to a decrease in tire wear.

Does Your Electric Vehicle Need a 4-Wheel Alignment?

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