So, you made the unfortunate mistake of hitting a curb or driving over that pothole you swore couldn’t have been that deep. The result can potentially be a damaged wheel, tire, or rim. While you might hope it’s only an aesthetic issue, the usual reality is that it can affect the performance and safety of your vehicle.

The Importance of Coming in for Repairs

Since damage could result in safety issues while driving, seeing professionals for repairs is essential. Our team can fix the dents so the damage will not cause a chain reaction that affects other parts of the vehicle. The longer the problems are left alone, the higher chances you have of being in a dangerous accident.

wheels, tire, and rim repair for electric vehicles

Should I Get Repairs or Replacements?

After an accident, the damage of a bent wheel or rim can vary drastically. So, how can you tell when you need a simple repair versus buying a completely new wheel? At the Electrified Garage, we give our customers the best and honest advice based on prices and practicality.

In some cases, our team might determine that the wheel is unsafe to repair after examination. However, you’ll always be getting your money’s worth no matter which option we end up choosing.

If you ever have questions or concerns during this process, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re always happy to help.

Do You Need Repairs for Your Wheels, Tires, or Rims?

If your wheels, tires, or rims have been damaged, you can trust us to make the proper repairs. It won’t be long before you’re safely back on the road!


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